Connect the Dots

Written by: Kathleen Moore LPC-S, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

Lone Star Circle of Care
President, Bluebonnet Counseling Association (Chapter of the Texas Counseling Association)

Connect the Dots

Connection is a strong value that I wish everyone in the world could believe in and make happen. No matter how isolated or alone or judged you feel remember that our feelings lie to us all the time! “Feeling something” does not make it true. The way we interpret and think about our interactions and activities is what causes feelings.
Are you feeling alone? Connection may be easy for some and an incredible challenge to others. I urge everyone to continue to find ways that you are connected to other people in your life and allow yourself to be touched by the connection from others.

 Connection Suggestions

• Smile at others when grocery shopping.
• Start a conversation when standing in a line.
• Thank your co-workers for their contributions to the workplace.
• Write a note of gratitude to someone in your life.
• Volunteer in your child’s school or for a special group in your community.

The human body is prone to many illnesses but depression can be lessened and even lifted by connection.