LSCC’s Dr. Okunade Highlights Senior Care During Panel Discussion

LSCC’s Dr. Okunade Highlights Senior Care During Panel Discussion

Lone Star Circle of Care’s Dr. Lola Okunade participated in a panel discussion last week to highlight the ways our providers are meeting the needs of senior citizens.

Dr. Okunade, who is LSCC’s Medical Director of Family and Adult Services, has more than 25 years of experience in health care including caring for older patients. She shared some of her insights during a Senior Care Panel for the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Leadership Georgetown’ group. The leadership group spends each month learning about a different topic that impacts the city and considers ways to improve it. Last week they focused on health care.

The panelists discussed providing care for seniors.

In addition to Dr. Okunade, the Senior Care Panel included representatives from a hospice company, a senior living complex, and a home health service. The panelists discussed some of the ways they help the older population find comfort and enjoyment in their lives.

Dr. Okunade talked about some accommodations Lone Star Circle of Care has for providing care to seniors including: reducing fall risks by having shorter furniture that is easier to get in and out of; allotting more time for appointments with senior patients; having larger rooms that provide space for walkers and wheelchairs; and improving health literacy of patients to ensure they understand their condition, medication instructions, and treatment plans.

Leadership Georgetown participants learning about different resources for senior care.

Dr. Okunade emphasized the importance of involving patients in their care plans. She takes into consideration different cultural aspects and values of each patient and uses it to provide tailored, patient-centered care. She makes sure to show them respect and intentionally gets on eye level with her patients to show that she is not above them and she values their input.

During the panel discussion, Dr. Okunade said that elderly patients sometimes feel they are a burden on their families and society. She makes a special effort to bond with them and let them know how important they are. She mentioned that visits to the doctor’s office are sometimes the only socialization that senior patients have and may be the only time they get to leave their residence. She works to make sure their experience is pleasant at our clinics.

It’s providers and staff like Dr. Okunade who really live the mission of Lone Star Circle of Care, which is to provide exceptional and accessible patient-centered health care.