Behavioral Health Virtual Visits Now Available

Behavioral Health Virtual Visits Now Available

May is Mental Health Month. Taking care of our mental health is now more important than ever.  Lone Star Virtual Visits are available for mental health, family medicine and pediatric appointments. It’s important to remember; we are all in this together and our mental health is a priority. Call 877-800-5722 to schedule appointment today.  (Virtual visits available for established patients. Virtual visits for new patients is coming soon.)

From our Behavioral and Mental Health Team at Lone Star Circle of Care : OVER THE RAINBOW TO THE MAGIC OF RECOVERY
Written by: Kathleen Moore, LPC-S & Harry Livesay, LCSW-S

To paraphrase the song of hope from the Wizard of Oz, “Somewhere between the Covid time and the 5 Stages of Grief , we’ll wake up where the clouds are far behind us.”. ‘How’ we will do this is the great challenge we all face. All of us are experiencing a unique time in our lives. It is a time when, like Dorothy and her friends on the yellow brick road, we discover our resiliency in a time of catastrophe. With our minds, hearts and our courage, we discover the magic of recovery.

If we can ask ourselves “How can I serve?” , we see others as whole . When we ask, “How can I receive? “, we see ourselves with equity and can graciously accept kindness. The opportunity of these two acts can keep us in motion despite the strange stillness around us. The journey we are on now involves creativity, improvisation and spirit. In this time of fear and uncertainty, we will create together something that has never been created before. We are part of a world that continues to change rapidly every day. Newly found gratefulness, anger, sadness, loss, are all human emotions we are being asked to accept into our lives. Defining our emotions and understanding them, taking care of ourselves as we care for others, is essential to the magic of recovery. Ideas for our self -care can include:

1. Starting a grateful list ,add to it and read it every night
2. Writing thank you notes to people in your life
3. Staying connected to others using humor and laughter
4. Breathing out longer than you breathe in at least 5 times per day
5. Being brave and trying teletherapy ( call 877-800-5722 to schedule a virtual visit today)
6. Learning something new and sharing it with loved ones

We know that we will wake up where the clouds are far behind us.