Stress and Compassion

Stress and Compassion

written by Kathleen Moore, LPC

Stress can get the better of us. People can often experience burn-out, low self-esteem, relationship conflict, financial pressure, and medical problems. Often, it is not the lack of coping skills or relaxation techniques that lead to stress but according to Dr. Brene Brown, a research professor and author:  “We are most often missing the commitment to ourselves that is rooted in compassion and empathy.”

Here is an exercise to try.  Listen to another person/partner/friend/co-worker/child and each of you share a story about a stressful situation and respond with:

“You feel and think ____________because_____________. “

This simple statement does not judge and does not fix the situation, it is simply a way to listen .  Compassion and empathy is a skill to reduce autonomic arousal and accept human conditions of which we are all part of.

Other Activities to promote Self Compassion and Wellness :

Make a resolution to speak kindly of all people

Place your hand on your heart

Discover something new. Visit a museum or art gallery.

Finish work ahead of time

Resolve not to impress people

Get a good night’s sleep

Choose a diet low in saturated fat

Visit health professionals about unusual symptoms

Take part in moderate exercise 5x per week

Submit a story to a literary magazine

Believe that your life has a purpose

Dance to music

Settle conflicts with compromise and discussion

Research shows practicing self-compassion leads to happiness, less stress and more resilience. If we can help you work through this at Lone Star Circle of Care, please give us a call 877-800-5722 and schedule an appointment with one of our team members.