Wellness Wednesday: Chopsticks

Wellness Wednesday: Chopsticks

Did you know that chopsticks were originally created as a cooking utensil but are now highly regarded as a popular dining utensil? The advancement in cooking methods required utensils to prevent injuries and burns. Roughly one-fifth of the world’s population uses chopsticks on a regular basis and often preferred over spoons in order to pick up large quantities of rice, noodles, sushi, and dumplings at a time. While chopsticks originated in China 5,000 to 7,000 years ago, they are currently utilized all over the world, especially in East and Southeast Asia.

Many people struggle to use chopsticks when starting out, but the trick is in the technique. There are two identical sticks, usually wooden or made out of bamboo. One serves as the base and shouldn’t move, as it is secured by the arch between the thumb and the index finger. The other chopstick should be held by the tips of the thumb, index, and ring finger, as if you’re holding a pencil. The top stick should move up and down like you’re drawing a vertical line with a pencil, allowing food to be pinched between the two sticks. Next time you are presented with the opportunity to use chopsticks, don’t be shy and give this technique a try.

Using chopsticks while you eat also regulates food intake. Eating with chopsticks is good for being mindful while you eat because it slows down your eating and because of that, you realize you’re full much earlier than eating with a spoon or fork

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Written by Victoria Luera, Lone Star Circle of Care Registered Dietitian. Published by Ashley Wild.