Health Information Resources

Health Information Resources

Use the Lone Star Circle of Care Patient Portal to access trusted, evidence-based health information in the comfort of your own home or on your mobile device.

Healthwise Patient Education

Your Patient Portal account includes free access to the HealthWise patient education library. You can use this resource to learn about your medications, get more information about your diagnosis, or research symptoms you’re having.

This URAC-accredited resource provides evidence-based, physician-reviewed information that can inform your health decisions. However, this information resource should not be used as a substitute for your Lone Star Circle of Care physician. If you have a health problem or concern, you should still call us and schedule an appointment.

How to access Healthwise

First, login to the Patient Portal. Then click on the Patient Education.

Use the search function to investigate your complaint.

The Symptom Checker can guide you through a questionnaire for more specific guidance.

Click Medications to learn more about prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Browse the Decision Tools library for information about surgeries, treatments, and medical tests.

For more information about the Portal, see our Patient Portal FAQ.