What to Expect

What to Expect

For your first appointment, please bring:

  • A driver’s license or photo ID
  • Your insurance card, if applicable (Medicare, Medicaid, MAP, CHIP, other).

Program Registration Interview

For uninsured patients who are new to Lone Star Circle of Care, you will be asked to complete a program registration interview. This will typically be a separate appointment on a day prior to your first provider appointment. This interview will determine your fee for services based on a sliding fee scale discount according to Federal Poverty Level guidelines. During this interview we will also identify if you or your household members are eligible for public assistance programs such as Medicaid, CHIP, or other Texas assistance programs.

After you’ve completed your program registration interview, you will be fully aware of the discount that will be applied to your first provider appointment and will be asked to complete a new patient packet. you will also need to bring the proper documents for your program registration interview.

Click here to view a list of acceptable documents.

Please be on time

We want to provide you with high quality, timely health care. For us to offer service availability to all patients, it is important that you keep your scheduled appointments and arrive on time. If you need to cancel or know you will be late, please call and let us know. If you are late to an appointment, your visit may be delayed and in some cases will need to be rescheduled.