This section addresses some of the most commonly asked questions our new patients have about Lone Star Circle of Care.

There are no restrictions or eligibility requirements to receive care at Lone Star Circle of Care’s clinics. We provide care to anyone, regardless of income, residency status, employment, health insurance coverage or ability to pay for services. You do not have to be a resident of any specific city, county or area to access our services.

No. You do not have to be insured to receive care at Lone Star Circle of Care. However, all uninsured patients undergo a screening process prior to their first appointment to determine if you or a member of your family may be eligible for our Sliding Fee Discount Program as well as other public assistance health care programs. Our staff will also help you apply to these assistance programs. No patient is ever denied services based on an inability to pay.

In most cases, lab results will be available in the patient portal 4 days after your healthcare provider has received them from the laboratory. If you do not see the results you were expecting, click the MY CHART tab and then click Request Health Record. That will pull the most recent lab results into your portal account.

You may also receive a letter in the mail notifying you of normal lab results. This letter typically arrives two weeks after your lab draw.

If your lab results are abnormal and require another appointment or there is additional information you need to have, you will receive a phone call from a nurse at the clinic, who will discuss the next steps with you.

To refill your prescriptions, contact your pharmacy with your prescription number - even if the prescription label shows no refills remaining. The pharmacy will send an electronic refill request to your provider directly through the electronic health record. In some cases, or for certain medications, your provider or the clinical staff will call you with additional directions or questions. Please allow 3 business days for Lone Star Circle of Care to respond to all refill requests.

If you have a medical issue after hours, please call 1-877-800-5722 and select the option to speak to a nurse.

If you or your child are being seen at an emergency department or urgent care clinic, the physician providing care can access necessary health information for established LSCC patients 24 hours a day. For access to medical information, the physician providing care must call: 1-877-800-5722 to be connected to the LSCC provider on call.

Payment is due upon receipt of statement. You must contact the billing department at 512-931-2190 upon the receipt of your first statement to discuss possible payment arrangements.

Come by any Lone Star Circle of Care location and provide a copy of the new insurance. Or you may call the Billing Department at 512-931-2190.

Many health insurance plans require you to indicate a primary care provider. In order for LSCC providers to render care payable by your insurance, we request you establish Lone Star Circle of Care as your PCP.

Lone Star Circle of Care can provide prescription drugs at affordable prices because we participate in the federal government's 340b program. In order to qualify for the special 340b pricing, all prescriptions must be:

  • written by a Lone Star Circle of Care provider; and
  • come from a Lone Star Circle of Care clinic following a visit.

Lone Star Circle of Care cannot fill prescriptions written from non-Lone Star Circle of Care providers.