Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

If you need help making your prescriptions more affordable, we might be able to help.

Prescription Assistance Programs (PAP) are offered by many pharmaceutical companies to assist uninsured patients with low incomes to access needed medications. Lone Star Circle of Care assists patients to determine eligibility for these programs, submit PAP applications, and prepare medications for delivery that meet all legal requirements. Patients can meet with PAP personnel in-person at one of Lone Star Circle of Care’s pharmacies or by telephone.

PAP Process Summary:

  1. Patient meets with PAP personnel in-person or by telephone and patient eligibility is determined.
  2. If patient is eligible, PAP application is completed and sent to prescribing provider for signature.
  3. Once application is completed, PAP personnel sends application to pharmaceutical company.
  4. PAP application is reviewed by pharmaceutical company and determination is made. Initial applications for PAP medications can take up to 4-6 weeks until medications can be provided. Please contact your Lone Star Circle of Care PAP representative if you have any questions.
  5. If application is accepted by the pharmaceutical company, PAP medications are sent to the Lone Star Circle of Care pharmacy to appropriately prepare them for delivery. Lone Star Circle of Care charges an administrative fee of $3 per prescription per month of medication.
  6. Patients are then contacted by PAP personnel to pick up and pay for medications.
  7. For PAP medication refills, please contact your Lone Star Circle of Care PAP repetitive 4 weeks in advance.

*If you are a patient at a Lone Star Circle of Care clinic without an Lone Star Circle of Care Pharmacy, arrangements can be made to speak with PAP personnel over the phone and transport medications to your preferred clinic site. Please speak to the nurse at your clinic for further information or call our PAP representative based in Georgetown (512-686-0155, option 2) or Round Rock (512-524-9260, option 2).