Lone Star Circle of Care at Collinfield

Providers at this location

Brandon Allport Altillo, M.D.

Family Medicine, Pediatrics

Fluent in English, Spanish

Suneela Cherlopalle, M.D.

Behavioral & Mental Health

Fluent in English

Nicollette Luibrand, LCSW

Behavioral Health

Fluent in English

Ashely McClary, MD
Ashley McClary, MD, MPH


Fluent in English

Antonia Perez, APRN

Family Medicine

Fluent in English, Spanish

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Lone Star Circle of Care Opens Pflugerville Health Center

Posted: April 07, 2021 - By: Veronica Brown

Blog Topic: Press Release

(April 7, 2021) Pflugerville, TEXAS – Lone Star Circle of Care (LSCC), a clinic system with a network of 24…

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