Big Pink Bus FAQs

  1. What services are available on the Big Pink Bus?
    We perform screening mammography only on the Big Pink Bus. Patients who need additional imaging after their screening will be contacted by a Patient Navigator for information and assistance with scheduling follow-up services at a diagnostic facility.
  2. Do I need an appointment to have a mammogram on the Big Pink Bus?
    Yes. Walk-in patients cannot be seen. Please call 844-PINK BUS (1-844-746-5287) to make an appointment.
  3. What is 3-D Screening Mammography?
    3-D mammography is an FDA-approved advanced technology that takes multiple images, or X-rays, of breast tissue to create a three-dimensional picture of the breast. It’s different from traditional mammography in that traditional mammography obtains a single image. 3-D mammography gives doctors a clearer image of the breast, making it easier to detect breast cancer.
  4. What will a mammogram cost?
    If you are insured, there is typically no cost to have an annual screening mammogram. However, it is recommended to call your health insurance to verify your health care benefits and potential costs based on your particular health care plan. If you do not have health insurance, we can help determine if you qualify for a sliding scale fee or other financial assistance. Before your scheduled mammography appointment on the Big Pink Bus, we will contact you to request information used to help determine if you are eligible for a low-cost or free screening mammogram.
  5. This is my first mammogram. What can I expect?
    Before the exam, a certified mammography technologist will talk to you about your breast health, ask questions, and explain the procedure. During the exam, the technologist will position your breast in the machine and talk you through the process. Generally speaking, you will have four images taken of your breasts – two on each side.
  6. Does a mammogram hurt?
    There is mild pressure during a mammogram because the breast must be compressed in the machine to get a good picture. In most cases, however, it does not hurt to get a mammogram.
  7. How long does an appointment last?
    Appointments are scheduled every 20 minutes. Should you require additional assistance, or have breast implants, your appointment may last longer.
  8. What should I wear for my mammogram?
    It’s best to wear a 2-piece outfit. This way you can remain clothed from the waist down during your screening. A paper cape will be provided, or you can wear your own button-down top. You should not wear deodorant, perfume, lotions, or powder.
  9. I have breast implants. Can I get a screening mammogram on the Big Pink Bus?
    Yes. If you have breast implants, the technologist will need to take a few more images than are needed for women without breast implants. Because of this, you will need a longer appointment time. When you schedule your appointment, please let the person you speak with know that you have breast implants so we can schedule you for the correct amount of time.
  10. When should I expect my results?
    Your mammogram results will be mailed to the address you provide, usually within 1 week of the exam. If additional imaging is required, a Patient Navigator will contact you by phone to explain results and provide information on where to schedule your follow-up.
  11. Why haven’t I received my results?
    If more than 14 days have passed and you have not received a letter in the mail with your results, please call 844-PINK BUS (844-746-5287). All patients will have their results mailed to the address that we have on file.
  12. Is the Big Pink Bus ADA-accessible?
    No. Patients must be able to independently climb the entry stairs and remain standing during the screening unassisted. If your mobility is of concern, fixed site mammography may be the best option for you. Please call 844-PINK BUS (844-746-5287) for assistance.